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Design by Grace Quest

Design by Grace Quest


ObabeAh Tarot

Obabeah Tarot (a portmanteau of Obeah, the traditional Jamaican school of witchcraft, and “babe”, which Trejon is) is your daily dose of wicked witchcraft on the world wide web. Trejon has been a practicing tarot reader for 4 years, and was one of the first students of Cutter Videan’s Second Sight Academy.

Trejon practices tarot through the lens of the “Collective Unconscious”, a theory created by mythology scholar Joseph Campbell, which describes the tendency for humans to attribute similar meanings and feelings to symbols shared across cultures and regions.

Focusing less on divination and more on conversation starting, Trejon structures her readings around a single question from the client, and then allows the symbology of the cards and the shared energy manifested through the session to help guide the client in the direction they need. The answers you seek are within you all along. Sometimes you just need a friend and some pretty pictures to help draw them out.

In less smarty pants terms, we’re scared of skulls cuz that means death, and death is scary. We like the sun becuase the sun is warm and grows our plants. We have these feelings coded into our DNA because our caveman ancestors who loved those super poisonous berries quickly died of berry poison. Evolution, baby. Now available in witchcraft form.

Trejon’s readings are in turns insightful and casual, being described as “no-nonsense advice from a good friend”.

Trejon offers phone and Skype consultations, as well as in-person meetings and events bookings with clients in the Phoenix Metro area. For a full listing of services, click here, or email obabeahtarot@gmail.com for any questions.

Stay blessed, babes.